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What is the Hope Church Endowment?

The Hope Church Endowment is money which is given, is invested, and which accrues interest that is then spent for various needs of the church.

Spending from the Hope Church Endowment

The amount available for spending per year is calculated by taking 5% of the average value of the Fund for the previous five years.

The procedure for requesting funds is through a grant application. Grant application forms are available online here, or from the church office. Applications submitted online are automatically submitted to the Endowment Fund Committee.

Completed paper applications should be submitted to the church, care of the Endowment Fund Committee.

Funds will be awarded based on grant application criteria. The Hope Church Mission Statement will be used as a guideline for money distribu­tion. Specifically, the Endowment Fund Committee will be looking to see if the proposed project upholds the Mission Statement.

Approved grant money must be used for the specified purpose, or re­turned to the Endowment Fund.

All grant applications will be reviewed and acted upon within sixty days of sub­mission.


In the parable of the talents, Jesus offers a perspective that does not condemn money, or the accumulation of wealth, as long as it serves a worthy purpose and does not become the object of worship.  (Matthew 25: 74-30)