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Funerals &
Memorial Services

The death of a family member or friend marks a profound loss for those left behind. End-of-life gatherings and ceremonies at Hope Church allow a loved one’s community to comfort and support each other in meaningful ways. At Hope, the manner in which one chooses to express the loss of a loved one may be through a Funeral, Memorial Service, or Celebration of Life. The tone of the ceremony chosen will vary according to the wishes of the individual and/or family.

Funerals and memorial services at Hope are held in the sanctuary. This worship space is the heart and soul of Hope Church and permits a variety of options depending upon the type of ceremony. Those who are active members of Hope may wish to convey their wishes for a service in advance. This can include a specific selection of readings, scripture and/or music. In doing so, those that remain are able to facilitate those choices with certainty and confidence.


The Fellowship Hall at Hope is available for gatherings after the service. This space features a large dining room, kitchen, and an art alcove all surrounded by an almost panoramic view of the beautifully landscaped church grounds. The Benevolent Committee serves, by request, at receptions following funerals and memorial services. 


For more information, contact Pastor Carol Reynolds at 920-743-2701 or via email.

The Memorial Garden is located next to Hope United Church of Christ. It is a place for Hope families and friends to purchase a space to honor their loved ones.

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